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  • This week, the so-called “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” (“ICIJ”), on its website, leaked a total of 548 tax rulings that multinational companies obtained in Luxembourg in the period from 2002 to 2010. The list of companies whose rulings were disclosed includes some of the largest multinationals not only from the U.S. and Europe but […]

  • The European Commission has asked Germany to amend inheritance tax legislation that it says results in the discriminatory taxation of legacies to foreign charities. Domestic charities are granted an exemption from inheritance tax. Charities established in other European Union and European Economic Area states may only enjoy this exemption if their state of residence grants […]

  • An estimated €177 billion in VAT revenues was lost due to non-compliance or non-collection in 2012, according to the latest VAT Gap study published by the Commission today. This equates to 16% of total expected VAT revenue of 26 Member States. The VAT Gap study sets out detailed data on the difference between the amount […]

  • An arbitrary cap on the number of migrants coming to the UK from within the EU would be incompatible with European law, outgoing president Jose Manuel Barroso has warned. He made the remarks in the context of reports that the Prime Minister could limit the number of national insurance numbers issued to low-skilled migrants from […]

  • The “Made in …” labeling goes back to the Merchandise Act of the British House of Commons dating 1887 was to protect the British population from cheap, low-quality goods, in particular from Germany. The warning notice however has become a hallmark of quality and the EU Parliament is considering to make a “Made In …” […]

  • The EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum (EUJTP) issued a report on compensating adjustments (EUJTP Report) in January 2014 that provides practical solutions for year end-adjustments in the EU. The issue of whether a taxpayer is required to comply with the arm’s length principle at the time an intragroup transaction was undertaken based on information available […]