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  • Users of Ebay and other online sales sites are facing a tax crackdown following government plans to obtain data on millions of internet transactions. HM Revenue and Customs wants to collect information from internet companies such as Paypal that would allow it to identify British users who have an income from online sales. That would include […]

  • A Limavady businessman jailed for fraudulent VAT repayments has been ordered to pay £113,472 or serve a further three years in prison. Mark McAteer, 32, from Gortnarney Road, Limavady, was jailed in May 2013 after he had claimed to be building water purification plants in Basra and Mosul in Iraq. He told suppliers he needed […]

  • NEW DELHI: India and Switzerland have been able to achieve a breakthrough in their deadlock over banking secrecy laws in the European nation that prevented tax authorities from being able to unearth black money, a day-one priority for the Narendra Modi-led NDAgovernment. The agreement will not only let Indian tax authorities keep tabs on their […]

  • Swiss banking giant UBS has made a 1.1-billion-euro ($1.4 billion) bail payment for allegedly helping rich French clients to hide money in Switzerland, a lawyer for the firm said Tuesday. The payment “has been made, subject to the legal recourse open to UBS,” said the lawyer, Denis Chemla. The bank was charged with tax fraud in […]

  • Dealers say art sales have fallen because of Mexico’s new anti-money-laundering law. It requires buyers’ personal information be reported. The anti-money-laundering law, passed in 2012, has two core objectives: limiting the use of cash and requiring businesses to give more information to the government about their customers. The rules apply to a wide range of […]

  • An eBay trader has been sentenced to two years in jail after failing to pay tax on over 500,000 items he sold on the auction website. While regarded as an extreme case, experts were today urging other eBay traders to declare their earnings or risk falling foul of the law. The number of Europeans selling goods […]