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  • The head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has called for a balanced approach to regulation governing financial technology development in the United States, citing bitcoin as one such example. Months after calling digital currencies “potentially revolutionary”, OCC Comptroller Thomas Curry highlighted bitcoin during a recent speech as he called for regulators to avoid crafting overly […]

  • The UK could become the world’s most attractive location for businesses using digital currencies, such as bitcoins, after George Osborne announced a new package of regulation for the nascent sector including anti-money-laundering rules. Entrepreneurs have long complained that the lack of rules has made it hard for them to be accepted as legitimate, and there […]

  • The use of virtual currencies is maturing, and responses to their use are rapidly evolving. Virtual currencies are a paradigm-busting phenomenon that test the existing frameworks of central banking, taxation and currency. Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, are also a concern for IT professionals, as potential administrators of systems that may use them. So, what […]

  • LONDON (InsideBitcoins) — As of January 1st, the European Union instituted new rules regarding electronic services as a taxable commodity. Whilst not directed at bitcoin specifically, the directive refers to supplying a ‘digital service’ to another member state and as such one clear requirement for the supplier would be determining if they are providing this […]

  • Scott Eells | Bloomberg | Getty Images Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services After 3,700 public comments, the proposed licensing for bitcoin-related firms has been slightly relaxed. Benjamin Lawsky, New York state superintendent of financial services, announced his new proposal for the so-called BitLicense in a Thursday speech. The […]

  • The US government has been seriously studying bitcoin for about two years now. The FBI knows how to seize the digital currency. The Marshal’s Service knows how to sell it. The IRS knows how to tax it. And now, the Federal Reserve should copy it. So says James Angel, a professor of economics at Georgetown […]

  • Microsoft will now accept bitcoin payments for digital content such as games, videos, music and applications on Windows Phone and Xbox. Microsoft posted a “how to” guide on its e-commerce website, directing customers how to pay for products using digital wallets. IGOR – FOTOLIA Bitcoins can be paid into a Microsoft account from a digital […]

  • MasterCard has used a submission to a Senate inquiry to argue for Australian regulators to move against the pseudonymity of digital currencies such as Bitcoin. “Any regulation adopted in Australia should address the anonymity that digital currency provides to each party in a transaction,” the company’s submission (PDF) states. “Contrary to transactions made with a […]

  • Global Advisors, a firm based in Jersey that manages the first regulated bitcoin fund, has been served notice by its bank, HSBC. The firm said it received a notice from HSBC indicating that the company’s bank account would be closed in 60 days. A meeting with HSBC personnel at the firm’s office in Jersey revealed that the […]

  • Digital currencies such as bitcoin do not currently pose a material risk to monetary or financial stability in the UK, according to a report published by the Bank of England. “While that could, in theory, change if sterling were abandoned in favour of an alternative currency for a significant fraction of the economy, such a […]

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