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  • On September 17th 2014, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg inaugurated its Freeport, a facility constructed at the Luxembourg airport next to the Air Cargo Terminal for storage, handling and trading of goods such as works of art, precious metals, wine, jewellery and other valuable goods. Within the context of the creation of the Freeport, the Luxembourg government […]

  • Dealers say art sales have fallen because of Mexico’s new anti-money-laundering law. It requires buyers’ personal information be reported. The anti-money-laundering law, passed in 2012, has two core objectives: limiting the use of cash and requiring businesses to give more information to the government about their customers. The rules apply to a wide range of […]

  • A perennial problem facing the art market is how to treat legitimate works of art which for one reason or another have not been labeled as “authentic” by past or existing authentication committees —the boards that are often established after a prominent artist’s death to protect his or her legacy. As it happens, this past […]