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A large proportion of the value in any business can be attributed to its brand or trade marks. These are the marks that make a business instantly recognisable to its customers or target customer base. As with any other business resource, businesses should look to protect these assets to preserve the good will and value attached to them.

Our Corporate & Commercial Team have extensive experience in advising on brand protection solutions designed to meet the requirements of our client’s businesses.

Perhaps you’re setting up business in the United Kingdom and are concerned about protecting against counterfeit products or competitors seeking to take advantage of your brand? Alternatively, you might be looking to expand an already successful business into new markets and want to preserve the goodwill generated in your home market when you move into foreign jurisdictions.

We have strong experience in advising and registering trade marks in the U.K., Europe and under the Madrid Protocol for applications in alternative jurisdictions. We also regularly advise clients on their ability to rely upon unregistered trade marks.

In addition to providing registration services we have advised on a number of successful challenges to trade mark applications, both on the part of the applicant and as third party wishing to oppose registration.