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Corporate Services, Escrow & Payment Services

Our dedicated range of services

  • Company Formations

    A fast and efficient way to incorporate companies, foundations and trusts, worldwide, in jurisdictions suitable to your individual needs and circumstances.

    Formations according to laws and allways under consideration of inter-national tax laws and rules to achieve a proper outcome.  

  • Company Amendments

    Various amendments to existing companies. New domicile, share structure or increase of share capital.

    For most of these changes you will need to pass a resolution and inform the Registrar.

  • E-Money-Licenses

    Our international tax and law firm incorporates E-Money-Institutes  (corporate vehicles carrying an E-Money Licence) in the most convenient jurisdictions in Europe: Czechia, Malta, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

    The initial capital for any E-Money-Institute is solely based on national laws for non-EU-member states and through an EU-directive for EU-member states, designed to regulated financial services companies within the EU.

    This applies to Payment-Provider-Licenses too.

  • Escrow & Payment Services

    Secure global transactions, suitable for deals of all kind: Art, International Trading, M & A Trans-actions, Properties and Projects.

    Sophisticated Handling of Escrow Accounts to arrange international payments in a secure and smooth way.

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